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Ball Air Lock Lids Tattler Air Lock Capss
Ball Air Lock Caps Tattler Air Lock Caps
Air Lock Caps

New Eden Farm is pleased to introduce the Finest Ferment Air Lock Caps!
These caps are perfect for protecting your ferments from outside infections. Excess air is allowed to escape, but outside air is not allowed to enter the ferment. This may let you reduce or eliminate the salt, if you add just a bit of whey or juice from a previous ferment!

Both type of caps are BPA free. The grommet is a silicone based grommet, which is a huge upgrade compared to the petroluem rubber grommet found in competitors products.

The locks are of course made of plastic but when used with our glass weights, there is no reason that the plastic ever has to come in contact with your food. Plus these locks are meant to be used during the initial fermentation that takes place in the first week or so after packing. You remove the airlock when the fermentation is complete.

The caps are off the shelf Ball storage caps or Tattler Reusable Canning lids. Both caps are BPA free. The Ball cap is a one piece cap that does not require any metal canning band, so they are great for root cellar storage where there is especially high humidity. The Tattler caps do require one metal canning jar band (like this one):

NOT included.

A metal band is included with every new caning jar though!

AND NOW, BOTH Both types of caps have a separate rubber gasket included! This makes an air tight seal a snap!

The price of the Ball type Finest Ferment Air Lock Cap is only $10.45. The price of the Tattler type Finest Ferment Air Lock Cap is only slightly more at $10.70.
Both types are a giant savings over the special made jars with airlocks on them that can cost $25 or more.

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