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International Orders

We do ship internationally, however the rates are fairly high, Rates are subject to change without notice!!
If the rate we indicate is incorrect we will contact you by email and you will have the option of paying the additional cost or canceling your order for a full refund.
If you have any questions, please contact me by email:

ALSO please note- Terms for international shipping only are "FOB Skowhegan, ME USA", which means that you, the BUYER, will be responsible for all shipping damages and lost shipments. Sorry we have to use these terms, but neither insurance nor tracking is available outside the US.

Canada other countries
Up to 3 items
$26 USD
$30 USD
Up to 10 items
$47 USD
$66 USD
Up to 18 items
$61 USD
$85 USD
estimated International shipping rates
To estimate shipping, count any air lock caps purchased as 1/2 of an item.

(Sorry we have absolutely no control over the recent dramatic increases in international shipping rates).


questions or comments please email Richard Washburn, New Eden Farm