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Jar Weights

Our flagship product, that has been successfully used by thousands is our Finest Ferment glass canning jar weights specially developed for use in lacto fermented preserving in a jar .  

This is a brand new product that was developed to keep the vegetables below the level of the liquid in the jar, which is really about the only cause of possible failure when using lacto fermenting preserving methods.

We have two sizes, 2” to fit a standard canning jar or 2 1/3” to fit a wide mouth canning jar.

Please note the picture below which shows a wide mouth weight in a wide mouth jar. There is approximately 1/2 " space all around the margin of the weight where it does not cover the food. This is to allow the gas to come to the top and not get stuck under the weight. If the food is packed tightly enough, it tends to stay with the food that is under the weight, and not go around the edges.

see the difference with Finest Ferment

Also note, on some spongy food or food that has a tendency to float, in these cases, more than one weight might be needed to keep the food submerged as they will act more like a spacer than a weight.

You get 9 or 10 weights of the standard size which are about 2 inches in diameter, OR 6 or 7 weights of the wide mouth size which are about 2 1/3 inches* in diameter.  The price for either size is $10.15 through this site.  

They are made of non iridized glass. Glass is known to be one of the most inert substances and should not leach chemicals into your Ferment. Samples of this product have been surface tested and were found to contain no lead.  

*these weights are sold by weight, and they are poured by hand, so they are not strictly uniform and might vary. This is why you could get either 6 or 7 wide mouth weights or 9 or 10 standard mouth weights.

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